Analysis of investment project

Analysis of investment project

Analysis of investment projects is a way to determine the feasibility of long-term capital investments in various objects (projects) in order to assess their prospects for profitability and return on investment. Investment analysis is a tool for careful study of phenomena and processes in the investment field and the possibility to make conclusions based on this study. Just a very little of the investments do not give the expected and planned results because of the reasons that are not depending on the investor. Most of unprofitable projects, could be not allowed to implementation on condition of qualitative investment analysis. Thus, investment analysis enhances the effectiveness of investment management, as well as several times reduces investor’s risks.

Necessary to consider that investment analysis is a dynamic process. On the one hand performed works, that ensure development of investment projects (from the idea to the completion of the project).

On the other hand mainly the analysis and development of investment solutions in various substantive aspects are carried out: the economic environment, the right goals and objectives of investment, marketing, production, financial and organizational plans of the investor, financial viability of the project, business project management, analysis of investment risk.

The subject of investment analysis is the causal-effect relationships of economic processes and phenomena in the investment activity.

The purpose of analysis is to determine the value of the investment, that is the result of their implementation, which generally represents the difference between the change in the benefits derived from the investment and the change in the total volume of expenditure, which are carried out within these projects.


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